Create Your First Godot 4 Game

Lesson 4: Creating the player

Video Notes

Now things are really going to get interesting! In this lesson, you’ll start creating your player character. You’ll also start learning GDScript, Godot’s custom scripting language.

You can learn the GDScript basics on the Godot website.


In Godot 4 Beta 16 or higher, the AnimatedSprite2D’s Playing checkbox has been removed from the Inspector. It has been replaced by the Autoplay button, which can be found in SpriteFrames panel next to the trashcan icon.

Some versions of Godot 4 don’t have the “Listen for Input” option when setting up keybindings. In that case, just use the manual option.

  • Use the “Select/Clear All Frames” button as quick way to select all the frames in a sprite sheet
  • If your Player is not showing up in the World scene, make sure your Player scene is saved first
  • When getting a reference to the AnimatedSprite2D and the Camera2D, pay attention to the case of the names in the scene. Yours could be different than the ones shown in the video.

If you get stuck, you can compare your code to ours here: If you’re still stuck, leave a comment here.

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