Changelog & Roadmap

Here's what we've done, plus what's on the horizon for Quiver.


Recently Completed

Cyber City Shootout - Godot FPS premium course
3D first-person shooter course

We launched our first 3D course where we build a first-person shooter in Godot 4 from the ground up. This course requires a Quiver+ subscription.

Outpost Assault - Godot tower defense premium course
2D tower defense course

We launched our 2D tower defense course, which starts from the basics and ends in a fully-working tower defense game.

In Progress

Free multiplayer tutorial

We're working on a free tutorial to make Raptor Run, the game from our first tutorial, a multiplayer experience. This tutorial will guide you through the basics of using Godot's multiplayer primitives.


Advanced multiplayer course

We're researching the possibility of building an advanced multiplayer course.

RPG tutorial

We're looking into building a course for an RPG or dungeon crawler.


Recently Completed

Editing saved queries

You can now edit your saved queries!

Export data

You can now easily export your custom queries to a CSV file, so you can slice and dice your data however you'd like.


We now limit the number of columns shown in a chart to ten columns. For non-numerical values, we'll show the nine most popular items and the tenth column will bucket the other values into a category called "Other". For numerical values, we'll automatically bucket numbers into a range of values. This should help make charts much more readable.


Customized time periods

Currently, saved queries show you the data from the current month. We're looking into allowing you to add a custom time period with each saved query (e.g. year-to-date, previous month, last two weeks, or between a fixed set of dates).

Improved performance

We're looking into improving performance for making queries and loading properties.

Dashboard reordering

We're researching a way to allow you to reorganize the order of your charts in the analytics dashboard.

Multiple dashboards

We're investigating the option to support multiple dashboards.


Recently Completed

Leaderboards for Godot
Global Leaderboards for Godot

We built leaderboards! Now you can easily add global leaderboards to your Godot game.

Ascending order

We added support for sorting scores with lowest score first, so you can support leaderboards that show the players that finished a lap in the quickest time or completed a level with the fewest number of deaths.


Improved Leaderboard UI

We're looking into adding more options to the default leaderboard UI, so you can opt into showing top daily, weekly, or monthly high scores.


Recently Completed

Tower defense game jam
Outpost Assault game jam

We hosted game jam #3, where community members competed to make the best modifications to our tower defense game. The submissions are fantastic!


Error reporting

We're research better ways to collect errors and crash reports.

Player accounts

We're looking into expanding our player accounts system to create a log in and registration flow.

Publishing support

We're researching how we can best support indie devs using Godot by providing publishing services.

Note that our plans are subject to change. Want to add something to our roadmap? Let us know!