Quiver Roadmap

Here's what's on the horizon for Quiver.

Note that our plans are subject to change. Want to add something to our roadmap? Let us know!

Coming early 2023

Comprehensive 2D course

Our comprehensive 2D course will cover the ins and outs of building a full-featured 2D game, with advanced platforming mechanics, multiple weapons and enemy types, and an inventory system. You'll learn how to use tile maps, particle systems, lighting effects, state machines, game UI, and a whole lot more.

Comprehensive 3D course

This 3D course will have you build a 3D shooter, which will feature a rebel fighting off robot baddies in an industrial setting. You'll learn how to set up a 3D level, implement shooting mechanics, create shaders, add lighting effects, and develop basic enemy AI.

Raptor Run premium assets

Want to continue building off of Raptor Run, the infinite runner you made in Quiver's first tutorial? We'll create multiple asset packs for you to create your own platformer with new characters, enemies, and levels.

Tiny Wizard premium assets

Continue building your own Binding of Isaac-style game with additional art assts, which will add more weapons, bombs, enemies, and environments.

Outpost Assault premium assets

Build the tower defense game you've always dreamed of with premium assets for Outpost Assault, our open-source tower defense template. This asset pack will contain different themes and additional turrets, enemies, and environments.

Downtown Beatdown premium assets

Build your own Streets of Rage, with premium assets for our open source beat-em-up game template. You'll get additional player characters, goons, bosses, environments, and props to really make the game your own.

Teams & job board

Indie development doesn't mean you have to go solo. Team up with fellow devs in the Quiver community to build more ambitious games.