Create Your First Godot 4 Game

In this free introductory tutorial, you’ll learn the fundamentals of Godot 4 by creating a simple, but complete, 2D infinite runner game called Raptor Run. You’ll learn about the Godot game engine, its interface, and how to use scenes, nodes, and scripting to create a complete game. This course requires some programming experience, but no prior game development experience is necessary.

Tutorial length: 2 hours

Who is this tutorial for?

This tutorial is intended to teach basic game development with Godot. This tutorial assumes some programming experience, but no prior experience with Godot, GDScript, or game development is required.

How much programming experience do I need?

You should be familiar with basic programming concepts like variables, control structures like for loops and if statements, classes and inheritance, and functions.

What if I don’t have any programming experience?

If you’re completely new to programming, this might not be the right tutorial for you (of course you’re always welcome to try it out - it’s free!). Instead, check out Learning GDScript from Zero from our friends at GDQuest.

Which programming languages are used in this tutorial?

This tutorial uses GDScript, Godot’s built-in scripting language.

What versions of Godot are supported?

This tutorial supports Godot 4.0 and later.

Can I release/sell my own game based on Raptor Run?

Yes! This code is open source and the art assets are liberally licensed (you just need to provide attribution to Quiver).

What if I have more questions?

No problem, hit us up on Discord or send us an email.

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