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Easy, powerful global leaderboards for Godot

Add a leaderboard system to your Godot game in just minutes.

Create a project first

First create a project to start setting up leaderboards.

Leaderboard Features

Easy, yet powerful

Get a simple leaderboard system up and running in just minutes, with the flexibility to add more complex features as needed.

Multiple leaderboard types

Store all scores, each player's top score, each player's most recent score, or the sum of each player's scores.

Query by time

Filter scores by time periods so you can do global daily, weekly, or monthly high scores.

Fetch nearby scores

Show your players how their scores stack up to other close scores.

Add multiple leaderboards per game

Want separate leaderboards for each level or character type? We make that easy!

Free or cheap

Get started with a generous free tier or sign up for Quiver+ to increase your quota (and get access to a whole lot more!).



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Quiver Leaderboards FAQ

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Quiver Leaderboards gives your game global leaderboards so players can compete for a top spot and bragging rights. It's basically the simplest form of multiplayer you can add to your game!

We like to think so. All you have to do is install our plugin, add your authentication token, add a line of code to post scores, and whip up a few more lines to display the top scores in whichever format you wish. You can find full documentation here. There's also a video tutorial. If you don't want the hassle of creating your own UI for displaying high scores, you can use our default UI. If you get stuck, we're here to help.

We give you several different options for handling score updates in your game. Here are the supported scoring options:

  • All scores: This will store all scores for all players.
  • Best score: This will store each player's best score, overwriting the player's previous score.
  • Latest score: This will store each player's most recent score, overwriting the player's previous score.
  • Sum: Each posted score will be added to the player's total score.

We allow you to sort scores in descending order (the default), so that highest scores are at the top of the leaderboard. We also support sorting scores in descending order so that lowest scores are better.

We can't totally prevent cheating because we can't verify a score was achieved, but we do add some safeguards. We add some obfuscation to score posting that makes it a little harder to submit fake scores, but it won't stop a determined troll.

We also transparently create accounts for each client, which at least prevents messing with other people's scores.

We also let you delete suspicious scores through the web dashboard.

At the end of the day, we ask that you keep an eye on high scores and put checks in place to prevent illegimitate scores.

Yes! Create a separate leaderboard for each level, character class, or anything else you'd like.

Yup, we store an associated time with each score, so you can display the highest scores in various time periods.

See our pricing section.

We use scores that are posted to a leaderboard to measure pricing. If you're using the "All scores" update strategy, each posted score will count as one score. If you're using any of our other strategies, each player can have a maximum of one score, which should reduce your costs.

You can reduce the number of scores you store by deleting any test leaderboards or by deleting individual scores through the web dashboard.

Have questions? Get in touch.

Nothing happens immediately. We'll get in touch with you to get you into the correct plan. If you don't upgrade your plan eventually, we may have to stop processing new scores.