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Tiny Wizard participation

My submission experience to Tiny Wizard gamejam


I didn’t have much time to participate to the game jam and I had a lot of ideas for the project.

I had time to implement:

  • New rooms
  • Procedural generation of the dungeon
  • Progression save through levels
  • A new type of floor : ice, you slide on it
  • Change of behavior for the holes in the floor : if you fall in them you die
  • When the character dies, he starts in a new level of the same difficulty, keeping the previous save
  • There are upgrades buyable in a shop. The shop can be found in a room and give 3 different choices of upgrades. Be careful, you can buy one thing per shop and the shop disappear as you quit it.
  • The following upgrades are available : bomb count, key count, bomb explosion size, damage of the magic bullet, speed of casting, maximum life increase and life regeneration

I wanted to implement (and I will if I find time):

  • Controller support
  • Sounds and music
  • More player feedback from damages, explosions and shots
  • Passive skills to choses
  • Different saves
  • Procedural generation inside the room
  • Random loot in chests
  • New ennemies types

This project doesn't have any updates.

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