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Roguelike Dungeon Tycoon

A reverse roguelike where you create the dungeons for the heroes to run through


Welcome to your new job as a roguelike dungeon creator! Your task is to make dungeons for heroes to try and run through over and over.


The cards at the bottom are used to play chambers on the map. The chambers must go from the starting chamber (the yellow one on the left) to the ending chamber (the one on the far right). If the hero can’t get to the ending chamber they’ll just sit there and starve to death. There are 4 different types of chambers:

  • Trap (spikes) - a pass/fail trap that will damage the hero if they fail.

  • Puzzle (switch) - a puzzle that takes time to solve

  • Combat (sword) - a monster you have to fight

The hero has two vitals that they need to manage. Health and hunger. Hunger ticks down steadily the entire time the hero is in a dungeon but resets when they finish the dungeon. Health is damaged by traps and monsters.

The three stats are:

  • Agility - Gives you a better chance at avoiding traps (The ranger has more agility)

  • Wits - Helps the hero solve puzzles faster (The wizard has more wits)

  • Fighting - Makes you fight better (The warrior has more fighting)

That’s it, try to survive as many dungeons as possible!

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