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Raptor Run+

Multiplayer Endless Runner


The Raptor Run+ Game Jam calls for an improvement on Raptor Run tutorial. Well, this is a 2fer.

This is Raptor Run done with C# and will include a basic multiplayer client/server ability with a lobby to create and join games. The stretch goal is to include a basic chat. Nothing outside of the base code will be linked until December 1st as this is still Pre-Alpha until the start of the jam. Please make any Issues on the GitHub page that are found.

Check back for more come December.


Progress update


Unfortunately, no work has been able to be done lately due to my catching Covid and losing a week and a half overall. This probably won’t be done in time for the game jam, but I still do intend to finish it. There will hopefully be another update in the next week or so with basic multiplayer set up.

Base Code should be up


For those following, I have just pushed the base code to the GitHub repo for the project. Please let me know if there are any issues if you pull the game down through the issues tab on the GitHub. Thanks.

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