Raptor Run Plus Game Jam

Project Updates


Last Update

  • Replaced PanelContainer with images as custom frame to match the theme more
  • Did some codestyle and cleanup
  • Polished some missing ui related things, like hover color and so on
  • set the final starting position for the first platform

Updates from 12/20/2022 & 12/21/2022


The biggest UI change I have done so far!

This session was all about UI. Instead of showing the user his points with a label after they die, there is now, a new scene.

AND! there is a local highscore board! This one was huge for me. After you die, the current rank is calculated. If the score is within the top ten, you can enter your name. In addition, the highscore is stored on the hard disk. So the current top ten can be loaded at the start of the game. The top ten player will also be shown in the start menu.

For me, the hardest thing about godot so far is the ui. Even after the last two sessions it still doesn’t feel good to work with it. But this may also be due to the web development background.

Updates from 12/12/2022

  • Fixed some bugs that appeared when objects are forced to die twice. For example, if you kill a dino with fire and its falling of the edge, it will die through your fire and also because of falling out of the play area. it happens also when you jump twice into the same collectible.
  • Had lot’s of trouble with creating a UI for a highscore board. Didn’t felt intuitive, coming from web-development. Had to step back and do some research. Also had to watch some tutorials and will continue in the next session.
  • Build a speed-o-meter that shows the current world speed and changes color depending on it.

Updates from 12/06/2022


Third day working on Raptor Run Plus what happened:

  • Changed time based events from system time to gd time to prevent it from manipulation.
  • Added a pause screen. You can now press the pause button on your controller (ESC for kb). The game will stop and you can choose to resume, back to menu or quit the game.
  • Had again trouble with the background and zoom of camera. Changed the structure, that every standalone view has its own camera. Start-Menu, game and pause-menu now have own camera. The background ist now in a canvas layer so it will be always fullscreen even when the camera zooms.

Updates from 12/05/2022


Second day working on Raptor Run Plus what happened:

  • Had lot of trouble with deathzone and camera2d/background position, seems a bit broken that children of camera2d are not affected of the limit because position will increase higher than limit but will not be rendered further. Made a workaround for the camera position and wrote a limit for children of camera2d
  • Biggest feature -> increasing world speed by time, spawn platforms further apart based on speed, also zoom out depending on speed.

Updates from 12/02/2022


First day working on Raptor Run Plus What happened:

  • Controller Support
  • Added points for killing the dino
  • Added plant as enemy, needs two hit to die, gain more points as for killing the dino
  • Sized the game to fullhd size. Made improvements for killing zone. Wanted to calculate the die-zone based on lowest platform. Have determined that the platform will never be removed from tree, tried to remove them by game-area, ran into an beta Issue -> https://github.com/godotengine/godot/issues/66468 ; Workaround is removing platform by position