Raptor Run+ Game Jam

Project Updates


Added Highscore screen!


There is now a high-score screen when you die The highs score gets saved to file locally when you die in the game. There are still some quirks to sort out though, there is currently no way for the player to change their name in the game. I will see if I have time to implement this tomorrow, if not then I will probably just remove the name attribute from the high score screen.

A new Challange!


Was Raptor run too easy for you? well, get ready to take on the challenge in Raptor Run+

The game now becomes progressively harder by speeding up as you play!

Add Parallax effect


The background now utilizes a parallax effect, wow!

Added Controller support


The player can now choose to play with a controller instead of the keyboard!

Added PauseScreen


The player can now pause the game!