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Outpost Assault Game Jam Dec 2023

Tower Defence where you go on the offenensive.


After decades of mocking your research into tower-based defense technology, the military has suddenly decided to take your hard work for themselves. Show them the error of thinking they could Assault your Base and bring the fight to them.

Destroy enemy Outposts to advance. Build new Towers from the ruins of enemy Outposts. Upgrade your Outpost and Towers to survive as waves of 6 different kinds of enemies try to swarm you. Upgrade tower foundations to strengthen your Cannons, Gatling Guns, and Surface-to-air Missiles.

Click your Outpost or Outpost icon to access your Outpost upgrades.

  • Outpost Repair Heal - Recover health every turn.
  • Upgrade Max - Increase the max rank for the upgrades you can do to your towers.
  • Kill Bonus - Increase money from each kill
  • -Every Base upgrade adds 10% health to all towers Click Broken Towers to repair them into full towers. Click Towers to purchase upgrades or guns for the tower. Towers have icons showing their upgrades. If the gun is destroyed or sold, the tower maintains its upgrades.
  • Radar: increase targeting range.
  • Cooling: faster rate of fire. Also larger clip size for Missles (max 4) and Gatling guns.
  • Gearbox: faster aiming and faster bullets
    • Every Tower Upgrade adds 10% health to itself Repair, Sell, or Swap out your tower gun to have the right tool for the job:
  • Gatling: Soldiers & Buildings
  • Canon: Tanks & Buildings
  • Missle: Helicopters & Buildings

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