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Mycelium Guardians

Isometric strategy game, you command a collective of fungi in a post-apocalyptic Earth


Enter a realm where nature fights back in “Mycelium Guardians.” Unlike the usual resource extraction games, here you embody a living fungal network, striving to restore a world on the brink.

Venture across a post-industrial wasteland, spreading mycelium to unveil hidden resources and raise symbiotic structures. Your mission isn’t just survival, but to weave life back into a desolate earth, standing against the encroachment of a resource-greedy Will-E AI.


  • Unique bio-strategy gameplay: Explore, expand, and engage with a living world in a way only a mycelial network can.
  • Environmental Resilience: Utilize specialized absorbers to mitigate smog and radiation, turning adversity into opportunity.
  • Symbiotic Structures: Erect spore towers for exploration or nurture forests for resource trade, each decision leaves a lasting imprint.
  • A Contrast of Goals: Face off against an extractive AI, showcasing a clash between the technological and the organic.

“Mycelium Guardians” invites you to a narrative where the pulse of nature beats strong amidst the remnants of human ambition.

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