We launched one of the most comprehensive Godot 4 courses ever

This is part of our premium subscription, Quiver+.

We launched one of the most comprehensive Godot 4 courses ever

Posted by amit on July 24, 2023 | Comments 0

I’m proud to announce the launch of our first premium course, Curse of the Tomb. Curse of the Tomb is a series of tutorials built around creating an action-adventure platformer with four different enemy types, a multi-stage boss battle, ability upgrades, and so much more. We’ve been working on Curse of the Tomb for over a year and we’re super excited to launch it. This project has been a collaboration between a team of four developers, educators, and artists. We went a little crazy and developed over 30 hours of content + custom assets that show you how to build Curse of the Tomb from scratch. Throughout the course, we’ll cover a wide variety of topics including tilemaps, animations, state machines, platforming mechanics, shaders, lighting, particle systems, game architecture, and…the list keeps going. The goal of this course it to show you not just how to build action-adventure games, but to give you the foundation to build most types of 2D games.

Curse of the Tomb is available as part of a Quiver+ subscription, which gives you access to all of our premium content. This includes the 30 hours of content for Curse of the Tomb, our tower defense course that features 10+ hours of content, and a 3D shooter course. As we get more Quiver+ subscribers, we’ll be able to reinvest into building more courses, tools, and publishing services.

Please check out Curse of the Tomb and Quiver+ and let us know what you think!

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