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Tiny Wizard

Room-based top-down shooter template like Binding of Isaac

Open Source Godot 4


Tiny Wizard is an open source game template for Godot 4 that lets you create a room-based, top-down shooter in the style of Binding of Isaac. Easily string rooms together, create terrifying enemies, spawn weapon upgrades, and create unique bomb types in this beginner-friendly template.

This template is built upon Quiver’s generic top-down shooter template.


  • Sample level created with multiple enemy types
  • Easy-to-use system to create and connect rooms
  • Weapon upgrades and weapon switching
  • Bomb pickups and throwing bomb support
  • Key pickups and locked doors


Grab the source from Github: https://github.com/quiver-dev/tiny-wizard-demo


Follow the instructions on the Github page. Note that this repository has a submodule, so please follow the instructions closely.


Quickly get started using this template by following our new Tiny Wizard video tutorial.


Source code

MIT License

Art assets

Included art assets are licensed as CC-BY-4.0 (You can use this asset pack for any purpose, including commercially, but you must provide an attribution to Quiver).

Questions or Bugs

If you have any questions, feel free to ask it in the comment section here. If you wish to file a bug or submit a pull request, head over to our Github page. Contributions welcome!

  • Deazel
    Oct. 24, 2023 at 12:16 p.m.

    The instructions don’t work. I think top down shooter doesn’t exist. Please help.

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