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Outpost Assault

2D tower defense game template

Open Source Godot 4

Outpost Assault is an open source tower defense game template for Godot 4. Use this template as a foundation to build your own tower defense game.

The template features the ability to create land and air units, turrets, and spawn points. The template also features mechanics like dynamic pathfinding, switching and repairing turrets, waves, and a currency system.


Github page: https://github.com/quiver-dev/tower-defense-tutorial


Source code

MIT License

Art assets

Included art assets are licensed as CC-BY-4.0 (You can use this asset pack for any purpose, including commercially, but you must provide an attribution to Quiver).

Questions or Bugs

If you have any questions, feel free to ask it in the comment section here. If you wish to file a bug or submit a pull request, head over to our Github page. Contributions welcome!

Full 2D Tower Defense Course

Want to learn how to make a game like this? Check out our accompanying tower defense course.

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