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Cyber City Shootout Asset Pack

3D industrial-themed assets from Quiver's 3D FPS course

This asset pack features 3D characters and environments in an industrial setting, which are drawn from Cyber City Shootout, Quiver’s 3D course. In this pack, you’ll find:

  • Two weapons, a weapon and a pistol, which both include reloading and firing animations
  • Two enemy characters, including a melee enemy and a ranged enemy
  • Fully animated arm rig
  • 3D props suitable for a factory-type environment including tubes, boxes, carts, claw arm, and walls
  • Health and ammo pickups
  • 2D sprites, including crosshairs, bullet impact decal, muzzle flashes, and weapon UI



Licensed as CC-BY-4.0 (You can use this asset pack for any purpose, including commercially, but you must provide an attribution to Quiver).

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